• Can'T Wait

    I can’t wait to see you again
    Coz you are the one
    Who made me
    To calm and settle down... more »

  • Everything

    I am alive and not ready to leave
    Coz I know someone who gives and give
    Give more of herself
    Than anything else... more »

  • Flower

    You are a flower
    A beautiful flower inside out
    Soft, fragile and yet such a stout
    You are just magnificent and rare... more »

  • Go On

    From the tip of my toes to my head
    How I feel dead
    My heart is sore
    Shaken to its core... more »

  • How Far Should I Go

    how far do i've to go
    it's profoundly amorphous
    and i can't do it no more
    for i would be a gullible... more »

  • I Fear

    Am I the one you put together?
    Or the ready-made different other
    Am I the real me
    Or the one you want me to be... more »

  • Kiss Me More

    Kiss me more
    Like you never before
    Kiss me more and more
    Till I... more »

  • Moment

    When I see your smile
    When I see your face
    It’s the moment I lose
    The sense of time and space... more »

  • My Lucky Star

    My lucky star
    So close yet so far
    A star so pure so true
    That make me feel better and yet blue... more »

  • My Moles

    I have a mole on my back
    Responsibility and burden
    They say it is, so I walk
    Swallow many indignities and walk.... more »

  • My Praise

    Thank you for your lives
    That you have lost just for us
    Thank you for the legs,
    The arms, ears and eyes... more »

  • Never Say 'Why'

    I never said why
    When i had my good day
    And won't say why
    When i get my bad day... more »

  • Please Don'T Get Board

    Please don't get board
    of knowing me more
    just give me sometime
    and see who I am.... more »

  • Save Myself

    Hear me out; listen to me
    i'm begging you
    just give me a moment
    (silence)... more »

  • Tell Me You'Re Not An Angel

    Tell me that you're not an angel
    who comes once and then disappear
    like the one with st.Mary
    telling her she deserves to be happy.... more »

  • Thanks Giving

    I was walking this morning
    I almost forgot it was thanks giving
    Till I opened my mail and found out
    A mail from my friend selamawit... more »

  • Thanx For Being There For Me

    thanx for being there for me
    when ever i needed someone
    or a shoulder to cry on
    thanx for being there for me... more »

  • The Feeling That I'M Feeling

    I am loving this feeling that i am feeling.
    who knew that it would be you,
    for me to make me feel this feeling that i am feeling
    I am feeling good,... more »

  • The Hammeru-Ha Bound

    The laughs the giggle’s, the hugs and the kisses
    The running around and the teases
    The care and the share
    Make the flammable fence for friends... more »

  • Who Am I

    I never thought
    To be like this
    For me
    Things were... more »

  • Would He Believe

    Would he believe her
    If she told him that
    She is a virgin
    Would he believe that... more »

  • Writched Souls

    O- you wretched souls of the night
    Be careful of the eternal light
    Why have you chosen to play evil
    To manipulate and ill... more »

  • You Lift Me Up

    You lift me up
    So high upon the mountain
    And when I looked down
    I saw the world... more »

  • You Person

    You person whom i'm thinkin'bout
    you person who's drivin' me crazy
    you person i get to email to
    you person whom i am longing for... more »