• Childhood Story

    Sticky, sweet, syrupy juice
    Drenches her freckled face
    And tiny pigtails... more »

  • Descriptive

    Oh, I could scrawl
    A descriptive poem
    On a wrinkled, filthy piece of paper
    About how... more »

  • Fall

    i slowly grasp
    jagged rocks in my hands, one by one,
    taking heavy breaths as I go,
    climbing with force,... more »

  • Far From Day

    The azure space of sky soon fades away
    I slowly lock my eyes, dulled by dismay
    Now wishing for a land that's far from day
    Dreamy songs and sounds may guide my way... more »

  • Mending

    Love is never lost, but only wanders
    Like how autumn leaves fade into winter breeze
    To evolve to things that we can only ponder.... more »