• Getting Older

    As she ages
    The signs do show
    For the last few years
    Blow after blow... more »

  • I Listen

    I listen
    To the claps of beaks
    To the patter of feet
    To the fluttering of wings... more »

  • In Michigan

    When leaves become vibrant with color
    When they float to the ground in the fall
    When trees begin to glisten with freezing rain
    When they bend from the weight of endless snow... more »

  • Koala

    Commonly referred to as a bear
    Because of its looks, its face and hair
    So cuddly and cute, we tend to think
    Thick fur, fluffy ears, and a nose that’s not pink... more »

  • Polar Bears

    Big and powerful
    Beautiful and strong
    Depending on the ice for survival all year long
    ... more »

  • The World Of Ants

    Structured, systematic, cooperation is key
    In this hierarchical society
    The queen lays the eggs
    The workers they slave... more »