Bernard F. Asuncion July 30,1967

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Love is like a river, When it rains, it overflows; When the beacon shines, The clear water glows.
- Bernard F. Asuncion, Filipino poet (1967-)
'One wounded heart healed by another will have a better start; It will beat again and the pain will surely depart.'
- Bernard F. Asuncion, Filipino poet (1967-)
'Two hearts in mutual beat will not fall apart; No matter what happens, each day is a fresh start.'
- Bernard F. Asuncion, Filipino poet (1967-)

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Bernard F. Asuncion is a very kind and supporting man. His work reveals a very kind and gentle soul, a God loving man. A good citizen and a good family man. I happy to consider Mr. Asuncion a good supporting friend here in this site. I wish him many good things and a long and happy life. Thank you Bernard for all the love and support you show not only to me, but to many people in this site. With much appreciation, your friend, Luz.
Bernard F. Asuncion is a man of good character who carries a heart filled with kindness and wisdom. He is a man who has penned many outstanding world-class poems which resonate and shine only goodness. He bestows many words of enchanting wisdom of gracious comments on good peoples poems. I am honoured and so humbled to call this outstanding man and fellow poet my friend. Thank you so much Bernard. Shaun.
Bernard, i wish you many more years of writing beautiful poems and sharing your positive vibrations, love and peace, all around you. With warmest wishes and regards. Be blessed always.
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