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Serenity is a closed flower - the petals of which one must open peace by peace.
Bernedita Rosinha Pinto
When we appreciate others, we know others are a little better than us. But it is just one step ahead one has to take to be better. It is self-study....
Like the bird, man flies on two wings- one is of thoughts, the other is of feelings. Thoughts must be righteous, feelings must be compassionate the two must be connected by the feathers of conscience.
To live with righteousness, one must comply to compassion.

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Hi Bernedita, Next week I am attending a fundraiser for a school charity in Nepal. The owner of the charity is a nepalese man who lives in Cairns, Australia. His brother was killed by the earthquake while taking some of the children to school. I thought I'd present a couple of poems and came across yours. I hope you don't mind that I use them. with deepest regards Owen Allen