• Dreams

    Our dreams touch
    Forming criss-cross panes of light,
    I search the maze
    For the right answer to your question... more »

  • Invitation

    ... more »

  • January

    The wind cuts sharply last night snow fell,
    Now branches bare dark bones to a frozen sun,

    Seagulls perch and fly above the line of the rooftop,... more »

  • Maze

    Every year grey streets return and grey tones on brown,
    Damp seeps through to everything,
    And someone sits in a doorway forbidden to go in.... more »

  • Pylons

    The sky is like a drive-in dream,
    Pylons laced together against a watery sun,
    And every angle, every corner turned,
    Brings scribbled clouds washed in aethereal light,... more »