I joined Poemhunter.com to dedicate a poem to my soul mate Kristin David. I am now so very glad I have and am amazed at your support of my baby gurl!


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Kristin Davis

Who could have imagined,
A kindred spirit and a searching soul.
Fate brought us together,
To make you whole.... more »

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Kristin Davis 03 Sep 2006 10:24
My dearest of dear friends! My fellow sistah of pain! My soul sister of revelations! I love you w/ all my heart and can't imagine my life w/o you in it! Your glowing smile brightens up my life along w/ so many others. Two souls of the same nature, and yet, completely different lives. You are truly unique and hold a special place in my heart for a lifetime long! This woman ROCKS! ! Love ya Bethers! !