• Footsteps In The Sand Or On The Land

    shhhhh, listen,
    cant you hear them, the foot steps on the land,
    yes i can hear them, the beat of a band.
    shhhhh, listen,... more »

  • Life Of A Traveler

    its not an easy life moving about, its not the best,
    weather you travel to east or the north west.
    looking back at the pages of your life, there so overlapped,
    but theres nothing you can do, your always trapped.... more »

  • The Everlasting Apple

    the apple hanging of that tree
    is everlasting dont you see?
    many have tasted the sweet tast of the everlasting apple
    and have been able to watch it grow back... more »

  • The Sound Of Drums

    can you hear the drums?
    quick! here it comes.
    over and over again
    driving me insane.... more »

  • Trapped

    pushing, pushing, pushing upwards,
    lifting, lifting, lifting, upwards.
    watching, looking, the deep mass is flowing,
    drowing, drowning, my mouth opening.... more »