• A Hundred Times Over

    A hundred times over words have flowed through my fingers to the keys
    A hundred times over I have released the freedom that is in my mind,
    A hundred times over I have become one with my inter most longing,
    A hundred times over I have taken a journey to show you my own world.... more »

  • A Little Slower

    Drive a little slower,
    Take a look around,
    Remember the houses,
    The yellow stripes of time.... more »

  • A Moment

    She walks through the rain, the pain locked behind her cold eyes
    She sees the lights of the houses, those Christmas lights,
    She sees her home, no lights, no tree, it is dark and still
    The rain falls on her long white hair, her white gown flowing tears stream from her eyes... more »

  • A Pearls Worth

    Silver pearls fall down her skin
    She knows she must do it for she can't stay strong
    For all she has to do is count to ten
    She knows he's always wrong... more »

  • A Riddle For You

    standing high I see the whole forst
    Limbs stretched, needles green,
    I am the ponderosa pine.... more »

  • A Single Candle/Death Herself

    A single flame lights her face
    The face of death
    A single candle holds her fears
    The fears of death... more »

  • A Smile Is A Complicated Thing

    A smile is a complicated thing, I'll tell you why,
    Anyone can smile, as anyone should,
    Yet still it can mask the deepest cuts, I know it's true,
    It can deceive people into thinking one's okay, has it worked?... more »

  • A Soldiers Love

    They retreat from the past
    For they know they shall never forget, it will never pass
    As those they love shelter behind whats to come
    For from the bottle of pain they take some... more »

  • All Is Full Of Love

    All is Full of Love

    Nothing left but each other,
    Plastic and metal.... more »

  • Among Death

    We walk among death
    As death walks among us

    Silence between us... more »

  • Analyzed (Raped Literature)

    You strip the text
    Of any cover,
    Leaving it exposed,
    Thrusting yourself,... more »

  • As I Sit And Wait

    As I sit and wait time is all I have to save
    For in life all I am is a slave
    To those who search for death... more »

  • As Sorrow Leads

    You walk in the door no one does anything
    Your walk to your room without a word
    They say nothing
    Their silence is the wound, it is the sword... more »

  • As They Dance

    The heat rushed through her body
    as she moved her body along side his

    The movements were fast and breath taking... more »

  • Bed Of Roses

    On a bed of roses you lay
    For here you shall stay
    Your time has come it is the end
    For now you can not mend... more »

  • Behind Her Eyes

    The pain she felt was behind her eyes
    The eyes that were once the clear blue skys
    Her face is clouded and dark
    You can tell sorrow has left it's mark.... more »

  • Black Curtain

    They walk with the black curtain over their faces
    They gather others with the pain it leaves behind
    The people live in darkness nothing in their minds
    Their faces are blank no expresion no feeling... more »

  • Book Of Days

    Your life is as a book
    Written on the pages are the weeks
    For you would give anything to take just one look
    Into the next chapter, the next page... more »

  • Breaking Free

    The heat begins as the movement starts,
    Two bodies, two hearts,
    One place, one dream,
    The sweat becoming a steady stream.... more »

  • Broken Chances

    My Love,

    I don't know how you're going to get this,
    But it is my last word on this Earth.... more »

  • But, You Have Talent...

    They said to me,
    "I disagree with what you're saying,
    But you have talent."
    No, no, it was more like…... more »

  • By The Ocean (For Dislocated Heart)

    I stand by the ocean,
    Breathing in the crisp air of night fall,
    Watching the moon slipping away,
    As the sky melts into the sea;... more »

  • Changing The World

    Suffering can be stopped.
    Starving children can be saved.
    Hurting women and children can be helped.
    Diseased and dying animals can be nurtured back to health.... more »

  • Clockmaker's Mistake

    Clockmaker's mistake
    Added consciousness to the tick
    Will to search
    Find the hand that winds,... more »

  • Come Down This Road

    Past this place in the road,
    You shall see many people carying great load,
    You may think to help, or just pass by,
    It is up to you to know why.... more »