• 'I Have A Dream'

    'I have a dream! '
    The man on the platform began...
    'I have, a dream.'
    The people all around cheering, clapping.... more »

  • I Saw

    I saw her that day
    I saw her face, her eyes.
    I saw how much she didn't want to stay,
    I saw her look longingly into the skies.... more »

  • I'M Breaking

    I'm breaking.

    I'm dying.... more »

  • In A Breath

    Life is only one breath after another,
    We are the ones who control our breaths, not oneanother.
    A breath is all it takes,
    To make a breath.... more »

  • In A Room Of So Many

    In this room I am one with myself,
    I sit alone, away from them, from the people,
    I sit in the chair in the back, with only myself,
    None notices me except the two people next to me.... more »

  • In An Alley Somewhere Tonight

    The alley lay in front of her
    As black as death
    Then she heard him stir
    Somewhere from the shadows, the black depths... more »

  • In Dawns Light

    Grasped in his hand
    The source of ones life, ones self.
    On the mans grave is where he stands.
    Raising lifes container high a glint of lust upon his eye... more »

  • In You

    I wrap myself in you,
    I lay down to go to bed and feel you around me.
    I feel your arms pulling me close,
    Your skin against mine,... more »

  • Indescribable

    I could write every cliche in the book,
    And I still wouldn't touch on what you mean to me,
    Or how much I love you so.... more »

  • Into The Dawn

    Heart beating against my chest,
    I plunge the knife deep into the stranger's heart,
    Feeling bones break,
    Hearing their crack as they move aside.... more »

  • Jilted Tongue

    Growing up in this time,
    So many things rushing around us,
    We see things one should never see,
    We hear what one should never hear.... more »

  • Jumping Horses

    As you step into the arena,
    Your heart rushes,
    Horse following close behind,
    Giving you steady nudges.... more »

  • Korean Staring Shrimp

    Ok theres this girl from korea who made my family dinner once
    And she made a traditional rice dish
    And I am not big on the whole shrimp and mushroom thing
    But I look into my bowl and there are shrimp staring at me! ! !... more »

  • Learning From Within

    As i think I learn,
    I see whats inside my head,
    Things I didn't know, things that haunt me.
    And I think what will change, and what will come,... more »

  • Like Clockwork

    My hips keep time,
    Sixty second circles,
    Forming minutes in the air;
    My heart beats out the moments,... more »

  • Lingers

    The rain is gone,
    It's pitter patter silent,
    It's accompaniment of thunder quiet,
    It's ensemble of lightning dark,... more »

  • Listen

    Listen to the vines with the thorns
    For they are the tricksters
    Listen to their wisdom... more »

  • Live And Do

    Slip away,
    Drift away.

    Become what you believe is true,... more »

  • Loosing Everything

    I sit in the depths of night as i loose myself
    As I loose everything
    I know there is nothing left for me to live up to
    Mothing to know... more »

  • Losing Grip

    Losing grip she holds to life,
    She tells herself she won't let go,
    Yet here she sits holding the knife,
    Moving it ever so slow.... more »

  • Lust

    The smell fills her senses, she breathes it in,
    She knows it is wrong, that it's a sin,
    She turns her back forces herself to run,
    She runs away from m the scent she longs for, out of the sun,... more »

  • May The Shadow Fall

    Friendships are delicate things,
    The brush of a feather of distrust,
    Can cause it to crack,
    The settling dust of uncertainty and suspicion,... more »

  • Moment To Shine (Know My Name)

    The pattern is there, it is striped like a candy cane
    It is there because of you,
    The scars are true, as true as the pain.... more »

  • Music Of The Night

    In the night the music plays,
    I lay alone in the covers hidden from the dark,
    I do not turn I do not look, I listen to the music play,
    The horror of reality has left its’ mark,... more »

  • My Love For My Father

    Even though he's gone I remember him the same
    I sit here now and I read this a loud and think of him
    I remember his smile his voice calling my name
    I think of him because I know my love for him will never dim... more »