Hello I am Bethany Maxwell, I live in the US, and I am entering my second year of college. I: write, play 5 instruments, I also enjoy acting. I love spending time with the people who matter most to me. In kindergarden I was a social flower, but I slowly grew out of my social self, I am happy in my circle. I have just transferred schools and changed my major to Sociology. I love music I wouldnt be able to live without it! I am always listening to music of some kind. I write constantly! I write poetry a lot I have about 300 poems that I have written. I am working on getting a lot of them on here. well thats a little about me :)

If you want to e-mail me feel free to email me at this address: bj107301@hotmail.com


Bethany Maxwell Poems

Soul Of Flames

I sit and watch as the flames lick at the bricks
The red, and orange tipped beauty
The tongues of fury lick
As it burns through the wood and metal preforming its duty... more »

To Fade Away

I want to melt away into nothing,
To be a simple molecule of air,
Floating in and out of people' lives,
Without them even knowing.... more »

As Sorrow Leads

You walk in the door no one does anything
Your walk to your room without a word
They say nothing
Their silence is the wound, it is the sword... more »

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Comments about Bethany Maxwell

Ramesh Rai 03 Sep 2013 08:46
within her teen age Bethany has shown her great talent. keep it up
Greenwolfe 1962 20 Apr 2008 03:44
Bethany is a talented young writer who is capable of penning a masterpiece of poetry and short prose. This is saying a lot because few are as capable as she is in this regard. That is her quality. But the thing which gives her a special place of recognition is how she has defined herself by her works. Her definition, is by topic. Her topic is 'Life, in the Company of Death.' She, is a philosopher on this. And on this, she has much to say. A topic most grim and displeasing to many; it is to her a musical drama that ingnites all our senses and inflames our heart and preserves our soul for a better place that leaves all our fears behind and our love streched into eternity. Greenwolfe 1962