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Vampire Kisses

Lustful whispers in midnight dreams,
Upon satin bed under moonlight gleam,
Restless figures begun to undress,
Fingertips and torsos meet to caress,... more »

George The Dragon

George the dragon was terribly tall,
But all he truely wanted was to be small
His friend were only half his size
But they were decent enough guys,... more »

The Valentines You Know You Subconcious Sexual Fantasies Desire

To the one who haunts my every dream and fantasy,

I want to feel
Your panting breath... more »

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I'll admit that your poem 'Vampire Kisses' was good. But you are WAY LOW to leave degrading comments on other peoples poems. What'd you do? Search for all the poems that had the word 'emo' in them? Thats pretty lame since you practically put the same damn comment on everyone of them. You must be retarded if you think that your gay ass comments are going to make any of us REAL poets feel bad. REAL poets write about how they feel, not about fantasies. And what are you? Some dorky ass bitch who wishes she was a goddamn Vampire? Got fangs? So before you type in 'emo', click search, and Copy/Paste your dumass comments, just remember that what you type doesnt mean shit to PoemHunters REAL poets, because only a REAL poet can judge a poets poem correctly. Lots Of Love Star