• A Birthday Note!

    A year you have become old,
    And old means wise,
    Don't worry about the wrinkles,
    Believe me your beauty is more than suffice.... more »

  • A Trip Inside.

    Took a trip inside,
    Inside my mind,
    Eyes closed all silence,
    Journey started frm the dark.... more »

  • Catching Old!

    He fell asleep on his chair,
    In the living room in the cold,
    When I brought a blanket to cover him,
    That's when I saw my father is getting old.... more »

  • Change

    When she'll turn 12,
    Some changes are going to occur,
    They'll be unknown to her,
    And the fear will make her suffer.... more »

  • Childhood Memoir

    Got into reminiscence, the memories of childhood,
    As long as I remember, and far as I can see,
    The time so magical, the time so cherished,
    The moments of happiness and a long mischievous spree.... more »

  • Father Of The Bride.

    It is happening, hapenning so fast,
    My daughter is a bride today,
    But for me you still are my little baby,
    And I am afraid to let you go away.... more »

  • Fathers And Daughters.

    The day you were born I was outside the room,
    Waiting for your cries in my ears to bloom,
    The first time I saw your face I smiled and cried,
    You were in my arms and I was a bit surprised.... more »

  • Lost.

    Something is lost,
    It does not feel right,
    The air is not fresh,
    The sun isn't so bright.... more »

  • Not Only A Soldier!

    I am a soldier,
    In service to my nation,
    It's an honour I am blessed with,
    Which comes with a harsh realisation.... more »

  • Perceptions.

    Somewhere in my heart resides a song,
    It plays, I sing when we are all alone,
    Its a tune that all day repeats,
    For me its a melody while people call them beats... more »

  • Revolutionize

    Change, it's time to change,
    To bring about a revolution,
    It's time to ignite the fire within,
    And burn away all the corruption.... more »

  • Set Out!

    Lets explore the world today,
    Lets fly against the wind,
    Lets drink from the  deep oceans,
    Lets have the sun in a pint.... more »

  • Surrender.

    On a crossroad-standing still,
    Struggling to choose,
    The path is uncertain,
    Need strength and a will.... more »

  • The Girl.

    Walking, in the darkest of the street,
    Thinking, there's noting can be done,
    Laughing, made a joke of myself,
    Crying, as there is no one to help.... more »

  • The Touch Of Awakening.

    A new way, a new light,
    Some new ideas are shining bright,
    A new hope, a new faith,
    The heart is beating in a different gait.... more »

  • Three.

    Three things I wish to do,
    Before regret catch up to me,
    Three things I have chosen,
    From a large desire heap.... more »

  • Will You?

    We met through social media,
    With a click our journey started,
    We accepted each other,
    And were never parted.... more »