• A Friend From Far

    Oh, ho! Oh ho, here you are
    My friend, my friend from far
    Am I glad to see you here
    Oh my friend, oh dear, dear!... more »

  • A Moment Of Rapture

    They cleaned up the dandelions
    From their beautiful lawn
    It is all green and pest-free
    O, what a relief!... more »

  • Accept This Tagar (A Small White Flower)

    Accept this tagar now
    That’s all I can offer at this moment
    Limbs of my expression are not elaborate now
    Just a little flame... more »

  • Access To Hearts

    It took me a little while
    to understand that we were
    Exchanging words and emotions
    Sometimes, simple and sophisticated at others... more »

  • Awareness

    I see
    I hear
    I intend
    I extend... more »

  • Beauty And Truth

    Attracted as I am like John Keats
    To “A thing of beauty is a joy for ever”
    Sometimes I am uncomfortable
    To beauties of certain flavour... more »

  • Being The Self

    From the stay of the Being
    Emanates the river of the Self
    A river that runs through the hearts
    A river that runs through the faiths... more »

  • Earth

    Holding the seas, boasting the mountains
    You invaded the sky with grace and glory
    Tolerating the wild, keeping all terrains
    Mother earth, what is your story?... more »

  • Fire

    It burns in the stars
    To make the universe possible
    It burns in the stars
    To have the heavens going... more »

  • Form And Formless

    With beautiful white daisies
    There was a flower vase
    Just a week ago it was glowing
    On the green carpet grass... more »

  • Horizons

    Sun rolls down in dusky smoothness
    Along the line of day and night
    Silhouettes of life begin to caress
    the body of darkness in search of light... more »

  • Journey’s End

    This is where the journey ends
    And therefore, we can call it home
    All the knowledge of navigation
    Finds a rest here... more »

  • Liberation

    Do the senses bind you?
    Do the senses bind you to a point
    That you are blind to you soul needs
    That you understand but accept not... more »

  • Life After Life

    'Moner manush aslo kachhe
    Tare dhorline tui jadaye....'... more »

  • Life And Non-Life Aggregates

    Life gathers aggregates
    Like the iron grows rust around it.
    The rust is not iron although
    it derives itself conditionally from iron... more »

  • Love

    It all begins with yourself
    All love and all friendship
    The unity beyond duality
    And all meaningful relationship... more »

  • Moonlight

    The passage from cradle to grave
    A voyage of sheer consciousness
    Some make it with laugh and fun
    Some make it a total mess... more »

  • Mother

    Of all human manifestations
    May I say, you are the greatest
    As you give milk, food and protection
    What to say of love, peace and rest!... more »

  • Oh Load-Bearers Of Humanity

    When I gasp for strength
    I borrow it from you, oh the strong ones!
    You carry the load stupendous
    Of the humanity... more »

  • On The Thirty Sixth Day Of The Month

    My eyes lay there on the path
    That you tread when you remember love
    They relent not for a moment
    Though your sight is rare to come by... more »

  • Petals


    I am a little petal of hue and smell
    I am gorgeous you can tell... more »

  • Pilgrimage

    There are flowers
    On both side of the road
    that leads to the shrine
    These are wild flowers... more »

  • Prayer 1

    My Soul, My Life
    Empty this vessel of its habits,
    Empty this jar of its colours... more »

  • Prayer 2

    The sun is Your smile
    I smile big in the sun
    The moon is Your tip of the teeth
    I wonder at the beauty of the moon... more »

  • Rise, Rise To The Occasion

    Rise, rise to the occasion
    Rise, rise to the invitations of life
    Oh rise, rise to the music of joy
    Uh rise, rise to the victory over strife!... more »