• Silence Of Rumi

    I read Rumi several times
    And every time I went through
    the same sincere silence
    That unites the human with the divine... more »

  • Sound Of Your Footsteps

    I hear, I hear intently
    the sound of your footsteps
    I rush to the door gently
    To greet you with peps... more »

  • Succinct

    Yes or no
    Is succinct for you
    but not yes and no... more »

  • The Dance

    Both dance the same dance
    The creator and the created
    Own the same truth to dance the same dance
    And hence the grace... more »

  • The Naked Child

    The war stopped, the great one
    About seventy years ago
    All said and done
    There is now peace – peace aglow... more »

  • The Rain

    “Drip, drip, drip… the rain falls
    The river floods the sides
    Lord Shiva is getting married
    Given the three brides”... more »

  • The Seeker

    In the womb as a germ of humanity
    I sought life to begin with
    And to grow – to grow as a human
    Later… much later... more »

  • Thebans! Form Of Life Is Deathless (Έ ν α ς σ ε β α σ μ ό ς σ τ ο Socrates)

    Come, caress this cup of hemlock
    There is nothing to worry, Simmias, let's talk!
    All that you have in mind and body
    All that is chattel of gods... more »

  • Where Are You, My Son

    Where are you, my son, where are you?
    I miss you very much, I miss you.

    You said, you were happy with me... more »

  • Your Birthday

    This morning when you wake up
    A sweet smile will meet you
    When you reflect within yourself
    A moment of truth will greet you... more »

  • Your Face: A Galactic Window Of Happiness

    Walking – have I not been
    For thousands of years?
    If not with this name and form
    But as the species human... more »

  • Your Grace

    You picked me up
    From the rubbish of pride and ambition
    From ignorance and insult
    You picked me up... more »

  • Your Song

    I remember all about you
    When I sing the song you wrote
    The eyes get wet as they knew
    The lifelong generosity you dote... more »