Born at Deoghar, India - in the easern province of Jharkhand. Trained in Canada in medical research. Bhaswat Chakraborty finds writing poetry is a way to be in tune with the Self, one's true nature. He writes mostly in Bengali.

Bhaswat Chakraborty is deeply moved by the noble and divine aspects of the human beings. He likes to focus on the graceful, innocent and wholesome side that each and everyone of us have been given without asking. What a fun to be aware! ! Aware of existence, beauty and love!


Bhaswat Chakraborty Poems

The Naked Child

The war stopped, the great one
About seventy years ago
All said and done
There is now peace – peace aglow... more »



I am a little petal of hue and smell
I am gorgeous you can tell... more »


Of all human manifestations
May I say, you are the greatest
As you give milk, food and protection
What to say of love, peace and rest!... more »

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Comments about Bhaswat Chakraborty

Pitilosi Mdala 18 Sep 2009 02:55
Beauty and Truth nice poem
Pitilosi Mdala 18 Sep 2009 02:50
I see, I hear, I intend, I extend.that's it
Willoh Theresa 09 Jun 2009 03:15
A friend from afar, wow. A friend from afar is always the one you love most; as they say 'absence makes the heart grow fonder'. Well done, Willoh.