• A Taste Of Me

    See me in the eyes of those who help you without a reason,
    Who have no time for themself but have a few seconds for you.
    Even though we don't know why we have it.... more »

  • Choosing A Life On The Fringe

    If I could, I would live on the fringe.
    I would be brave, and would
    not worry about fitting in!
    I would allow myself to be adorned... more »

  • Dance Of The Soulmates

    Throughout expanses of time
    O'er oceans and desolate sands
    How I have traveled in search of thee,... more »

  • I Love You

    The Days witout you are so Long to spare
    The nights without you is full of darkness
    The lusture and shine of my life precals because you love me
    How can I reveal, what my heart speaks of you!... more »

  • Incomplete Pleasure

    depressed and dejected
    i looked into her eyes,
    unaltered they seemed..
    emotionless and undetterd she stood...... more »

  • Memoirs

    COLD BUT STILL FRESH..... more »

  • Passion Embraced

    Falling out of Ecstasy
    I thought our passion so pure.
    So deep so undeniable.
    Like water flowing through a water fall.... more »

  • The Closed Doors..

    Behind close doors rests a mystery,
    A mystery never heard,
    Behind close doors rests a paradise,
    A paradise unexplored.... more »

  • The Impending Hope....

    in my thoughts
    lives a image so sublime
    faint but still so clear
    in my heart... more »

  • The Road Of Life..

    the roads walked upon.....
    my hand in your hand.....
    hearts wrapped in cozy warmth.....
    love and trust knowing no bounds.... more »

  • The War...

    No blood no glory
    All pain and fury
    A demonstration
    Of domination... more »

  • There For You...

    When ever you are sad & feeling blue
    just remember that i'm here for you
    what ever sadness and pain u feel
    i'L try my best to help u heal... more »

  • Those Times....

    Though you are not here
    wherever I go or whatever I do
    I see your face in my mind
    and I miss you so... more »