• A Day In The Life

    A day in the life of someone new
    But apparantly just like you
    Though you two don't look the same
    Nor have the same lifestyle... more »

  • All On You

    Why did this all happen
    When did it occur
    But only one thing is left
    And it was all your fault... more »

  • By Myself, But I'M Not

    All day I sit around
    I feel like theres no one near me
    I have never felt so alone
    I know your here beside me... more »

  • Can'T You Hear Me?

    Can't you hear me screaming
    I'm calling out to you
    Mom sais your here now
    watching over me... more »

  • Does She Care At All?

    Thse words they could be lies
    This could be the end
    The end of her and him
    But does she care at all... more »

  • Fatal Attraction

    I see you in my mind
    I can't wait until your here again
    Every single day I hear you say
    I love you... more »

  • Open Window

    I see an open window
    But I can't see the other side
    What is there I'm missing
    Or do I have it now... more »

  • Questions, Questions

    Questions, Questions
    They lie without answers
    Seeking knowledge
    On the other line... more »

  • Stressed

    I feel stressed and anxious
    Almost every day
    I try my best to relax and sit
    Waiting for the time to pass... more »

  • The Door

    I always see the same people
    Every day, Every week, Every year
    But I don't think they see me
    I try to look past it all... more »

  • The Photograph

    Looking at your picture
    Hanging on my wall
    What's it like in paradise
    We miss you down here... more »