• A Mighty Gust

    Whirling winds
    A high pitched sound
    Lost all grins
    Stay underground... more »

  • A Rich Girls Life

    The hot breezy air
    The delicious candy
    My brand new bear
    And the adults brandy... more »

  • Beach

    The sun sizzles like a barbecue
    The sand is full of grains like my cereal
    And is as crunchy as my toast
    The seagulls glide with the wind... more »

  • Calculations - Written By Kapka Kassabova

    The fire that lights a candle
    cannot be shared... more »

  • Disaster

    The wind blows
    The leaves fall
    The tree goes
    That is all... more »

  • Green

    Green is the colour of the mangroves at my holiday batch
    Green is the feeling of happiness
    Green is the colour of the tall oak trees
    Green is the sound of crickets buzzing in the summer season... more »

  • My First Love

    The minute I set eyes on you
    I fell in love,
    Your perfectly rounded body,
    Glistening brown eye-lets -... more »

  • Red

    Red is the colour of tomato sauce dripping down the side of your hamburger
    Red is the feeling after exercise
    Red is the sound of silence
    Red is the colour of warm blood flooding your veins... more »

  • Stream

    Soft, silky, smooth surface
    Beautifully broken beige bottom
    Cool clear calm current,
    Twisting, turning transparent twirl,... more »

  • Tui's

    Nesting in the sunny tree tops
    Eating nuts and water drops

    Singing their beautifully pleasant song... more »

  • War

    Life at war
    Most despicable
    Utterly hated... more »

  • Washing Enzymes

    Washing enzymes have a job to do
    They work for me they work for you
    They make our clothes look nice and new
    Just chuck them in the wash and press a button or two... more »

  • White Turtle

    The huge white turtle cruised through the water so clear
    Searching longingly for lunch
    Two turquoise long tailed fish
    Rushing forward... more »