• A Friendship Lost

    Life taught me a lot,
    Ups and downs and all about
    A friendship that is completely lost
    Something that shall never repair,... more »

  • Aspirations Of An Employee

    Humans as a herd follow where their master leads
    Our life we strive and lap up only to dream
    All we want is to step into our masters shoes
    Only to become a blind master... more »

  • Decision

    ... more »

  • Life In Repetition

    Silent as the whispers of darkness,
    Seemingly beautiful,
    Promising moonlit evenings,
    The soothing breeze fills my smile... more »

  • Past-Present-Future

    The Past as a shadow follows me,
    the Future as the virgin venus beckons me,
    I have moved ahead of what is called life,
    leaving behind these flesh and bones,... more »

  • Unimportant Love

    I look thru my window pane,
    I wait-
    I know you will come.
    The sparrows have taken my message,... more »

  • Upon My Death Bed

    Who am I? What was I to be?
    Questions come and questions go,
    What prevails is the silence of thoughts.... more »

  • Who Am I?

    I am a wonder,
    I am a confusion,
    I am a reality,
    I am an illusion,... more »