Bijay Kant Dubey

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Love me, I shall love you.
Exchange of sympathies
Before you go away, tell me your name?
I am not only talented, you are also but.
Search of Talent

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Ofear litter
Contemporary Indian English poetry is perhaps a misnomer as because there is nothing as Indian English which exists as a feeder dialect of British English spoken and practised and even it is, it exits as a colonial hang-over and a link language; a library-consulting one. There is nothing as Indian English; a variety of English. There were no poets and poetesses originally as all used to write in imitation and a few which came they, those were perhaps under the influences of the Christian contact. The post-fifties too were not so fruitful in the sense as the versifiers, poetasters, rhymers and taggers started to contribute in and many turned famous as for their first poems and first collections of poems. Today many are calling themselves English poets and poetesses and that too after editing literary journals which but pains us and it is in utter violation of morality and ethics. The smaller editors ask to review their slender books and pressurize for including in Ph.D. theses.
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