Bijay Kant Dubey

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Love me, I shall love you.
Exchange of sympathies
Before you go away, tell me your name?
I am not only talented, you are also but.
Search of Talent

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As a poet I am anti-Muslim, anti-Catholic, anti-Brahminical though a Brahmin I closer to Buddhism, Janinism, Zoroastrianism, Yezidism, Sufism and Judaism and even not, a skeptic, an atheist, a blasphemer living in a godless universe, but pietistic and puristic too at the same time.
Sometimes I think it that the Brahmins are the most badmash people as their pontifical attitude, hypocritical stance and issuance of boycotts. They are the most conservative and orthodox people. Some foolish and rustic Brahmins can be held responsible directly for Dalitism, the extermination of the Dalits.
What does the word Dalit mean it? Those who are oppressed, suppressed and exploited and subjected to inhuman treatment, the weaker sections of society languishing in poverty, underdevelopment and illiteracy. But it does not mean it at all that they will be hated for their menial labour. People look them with utter disgust, scorn and hatred.
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