• Accounts Payable

    ...  cantered light-heartedly downstream to their doom.
     — Patrick Leigh Fermor

    Somebody down there hates us deeply,... more »

  • Christmas Eve

    for Vincent Warren

    Behind the black water tower
    under the grey
    of the sky that feeds it... more »

  • First Thing

    Drown on all fours
    Pennies from a box flood the frump market
    Blasts of nacre, triage under weather's speckled pool... more »

  • Monogram

    For Bernadette Mayer

    Just one more vintage movie,
    Batwings tonight at the Bal Masqué — ... more »

  • October


    It's odd to have a separate month. It
    escapes the year, it is not only cold, it is warm
    and loving like a death grip on a willing knee. The... more »

  • Signature Song

    Bunny Berigan first recorded "I Can't Get Started"
    with a small group that included Joe Bushkin, Cozy Cole
    and Artie Shaw in 1936.
    Earlier that same year, the song,... more »

  • Song for Connie

    The sun met the moon at the corner
    noon in thin air

    Commotion you later
    choose to notice... more »

  • The Obvious Tradition

    I haven't remembered anything, only the names
    and that their dates have been replaced by fees
    toted up out of mischief:... more »

  • Thuringian Equals

    Crossed fingers gird the planet, though small optimism obtains.

    Will I read The Serious Doll in wraps, with its roller slur?

    A book where everybody, reader and writer included, dies.... more »

  • Variation

    Half-ended melodies are purer.
    To no longer perform in broad daylight,
    the apple's a radish for it,
    the winter chill a living thing.... more »