• A Bed Called Rhythm

    ... more »

  • A Comets Tale

    Shall I reveal my footsteps?
    Oh, if only you knew
    I will whisper in the night,
    While passing by,... more »

  • A Different Beat

    How can it be,
    That poetry could be an instrumental?
    No, not descriptive stanzas,
    But by being moved by waves of passions... more »

  • A Greater Peace

    With wings of gold,
    I touch the light,
    What a joy to feel so high
    Yet, gliding above,... more »

  • A Hair In My Food

    Nothing is as boring and mechanical,
    As when music forfeits its heart for octaves,
    Correlating with first line stanzas,
    Echoing the sixth notes to the third power,... more »

  • A New Day

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  • A Poem For My Creator

    A poem for my creator,
    Just where do I begin?
    Your law, it is my path in life
    My feet shall be my pen... more »

  • A Shadows Lament

    A wick has been drinking from most chosen oil,
    Holy the path of its flickering light
    From sanctified heavens they anxiously sing,
    As shadows do dance on the edge of the night... more »

  • A Truth Called Spice

    It is not the complicated people or poets,
    That I find inspiring
    Nor the ones groomed in poetic protocol,
    Or refined etiquette... more »

  • Addiction

    Oh poetry,
    You toxic drug,
    Your kiss is all I crave
    Just one embrace has changed my life,... more »

  • Afraid Of Commitment

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  • Beautiful Dreamer

    I am back,
    And I have brought my dreams with me
    I will cast them before all,
    Who will take notice?... more »

  • Behind The Walls

    To express,
    What a phenomenal gift
    Who can measure the worth,
    In a mere greeting?... more »

  • Beyond The Mirror

    To understand a poem is to be touched by the poet
    To bring a reader to weep is to hold her in your arms
    To look at ourselves when penning is to distance all narratives
    I for my part choose to gather love,... more »

  • Bi Solar

    On the other side of the tide,
    The ocean has something carefully hidden
    In her cruelty, she is never releasing her dead
    But on a blood moon she allows their prayers to be said... more »

  • Black And Blues

    Hammering gold upon a wish,
    Can you hear my hearts desire?
    To carry your brand upon my flesh,
    As passion climbs ever higher... more »

  • Blind Faith

    Cast your net upon the heart,
    Emotions caught within the deep
    What swims beneath the sleeping sea,
    Is a siren calling for you and me... more »

  • Blue Skies

    Oh blue skies,
    You make my day
    A mothers love,
    Please blow my way... more »

  • Bookends

    She is pure passion,
    A lover who has saved herself,
    For the chosen one... more »

  • Burning Quest

    I'm just a simple poet,
    Who tried to touch the stars
    To hold love in verse,
    In the unrelenting quest of expression... more »

  • Candle In The Window

    I wrote a poem,
    On top of a star,
    With hopes that you might see
    That twinkle at the edge of night,... more »

  • Cat And Mouse

    My heart?
    It belongs not to poetry
    She is a tigress,
    Sexy and intoxicating... more »

  • Caught In The Rain

    I can smell the rains of poetry,
    Coming my way
    Magic is in the air
    Ominous clouds tower to the heavens floor,... more »

  • Cloning

    Looking at the greats of poetry,
    Both from the days of old and present,
    Their amount of poetry could be carried,
    In their pocket or purse... more »

  • Colors

    All along the rainbows edge,
    Angels are placing their wings to dry
    Having softened the face of the killing storm,
    They leave her a clear blue sky... more »