• Christ Jesus, Saviour And Lord

    While pondering Christ Jesus, our Saviour and Lord,
    We must in great reverence remember His word.
    Gethsemane's silence keeps secret His pain,
    But for our deliverance our Messiah was slain.... more »

  • I Am Missing You.

    She asked,
    Did you miss me?
    I confess,
    I longed to be near you without rest.... more »

  • I'M Only A Pooch

    I am only a little puppy,
    I like to go visit and play
    with my sister Trixie
    so soft and white.... more »

  • The Blue Agate Moon

    The sky was midnight Blue above.
    The moon shone bright and full.
    Just like the shadows over our love
    the clouds seemed to cover it dull.... more »

  • The Legacy Of Romanticism

    the legacy of Romanticism

    Something happened to Plaster and Rock
    Subdued and replaced by Cow and Clock... more »

  • Tragedy In Colorado

    Tragedy in Colorado

    There are 13 crosses and we're torn apart,
    There are 13 crosses and blood flows from our heart.... more »