• A Nurse's Prayer

    Snug beneath three dermis layers,
    Lies the vein I have in sight,
    Hiding shyly 'neath its cover,
    Unknowing of the needle's bite.... more »

  • Advice To A Grand Daughter

    Poetic advice to a grand daughter torn between taking an unpaid job on a newspaper in Vladivostok and the alternative, a position with the Australian merchant bank 'Macquarie'

    Faberge eggs and samovars,
    Troika carts and Romanov Tsars,... more »

  • Antipodean Christmas

    Though calendars still read the same,
    The season has a different name,
    Instead of grey skied snowy scenes,
    Our views are lit with golds and greens.... more »

  • Mile High Musings

    A luckless captive in the sky,
    Suspended here five miles high,
    Now Singapore is ten hours back,
    And LHR, three down the track.... more »

  • The Agony Of Supermarket Shopping

    'Go round again dear' comes the plea,
    'And not so fast',
    'Look over there! they're coming out',
    'They're not', 'Oh blast! ',... more »

  • Thoughts In Autumn

    The leaves of Autumn, fallen now,
    Yet crisp but fleetingly are lain,
    For soon the winter rain will come
    And claim them back to earth again.... more »