• A Bird In The Hand (A Song)

    They say a bird, If you set it free
    If it returns to you, It is yours to keep

    But if you hold a bird and then set it free... more »

  • A Christmas Eve

    Late one night
    On Christmas eve
    I was staying up late
    Watching pay TV... more »

  • A Christmas Song

    The children know where the cold wind blows and it snows
    They write letters to a man, the North pole
    In hopes a glimpse, to see him in his flight
    Riding his sleigh, dressed in red, trimmed in white... more »

  • A Fairy’s Touch

    Starlight and moonbeams and dew drops on flowers gleam
    That beckon to the Fairy’s touch
    Grasshoppers, crickets, they sing their songs
    In the night to the one that they love... more »

  • A Heart's Lie

    As he thought to himself about it,
    He told his heart
    Not to believe what was inside,
    When he was through... more »

  • A Hundred Thousand Men

    I have been the courage
    Of a hundred thousand men
    And I have been their right and truth
    Since time itself began... more »

  • A Midnight Story

    Once upon a midnight story
    When the night is filled with dreams
    Long ago once lived was a woman
    A servant to her Queen... more »

  • A Million Heartbeats

    The fragrance of the forest
    The sea in the breeze
    The sounds of children
    Laughing constantly... more »

  • A Pale Horse

    Midnight lightning in the sky
    Man in black he passes by
    It seems to me he is out of place
    With the look of death upon his face... more »

  • A Poor Man

    Listen to a story
    Of a long time ago
    A poor man loved a Princess
    But the King he said no... more »

  • Abandoned Love

    Just a note to let you know I thought of you
    Just a letter to let you know where I stand
    Just to let you know that I still love you so
    And that I still wear one golden band... more »

  • Above The Eagle Flies

    Where daffodils they cover hills
    Where pine are twined in vine
    Where fence are built of post of oak
    Where rivers turn and wind... more »

  • Alone

    I’m not a wise man this I know
    I too push my heavy load
    I put my shoes on one at a time
    And fail strength of mind sometimes... more »

  • Alone And Empty

    Coming home she will check the mail and get the letter
    Among the bills she will gather up and take inside
    At the door she will begin to read
    And the look upon her face won’t be denied... more »

  • America

    Old age is wisdom
    And the old songs we learned to sing
    The steps in the mountains we carved with our own hands
    The dreams... more »

  • Another Day

    I get up and I wash my face
    I shave and I comb my hair
    I see me in the mirror standing there
    Another day I’ll put on a smile... more »

  • Barren Walls

    Today I walked into the house
    Where we once had a life
    The empty halls the barren walls
    So alone am I tonight... more »

  • Beneath Gray Skies

    As I walk down this lonely street
    The snow is falling before me
    The sky is gray overhead
    As I think about the words that you said... more »

  • Beneath The Christmas Tree (A Song)

    Here comes the jingle of his reindeer and sleigh
    The snow is falling he is on his way
    Look up high riding in the sky
    Santa Clause is coming tonight... more »

  • Beneath The Moon

    In the light of the night
    The stars out tonight set the mood
    I can see her as she stands before me
    Beneath the moon... more »

  • Beneath The Tree

    Beneath the tree where flowers grow
    Where winters come and winters go
    Comes the falling snow,
    And for what was yesterday... more »

  • Beyond The Next Hill

    Up and over beyond the next hill
    Where the wind lays quiet and still
    Where the oak align the streams
    And heard too the call of the whippoorwill... more »

  • Beyond Those Mountains

    Beyond those Mountains
    Far across the sea
    Somewhere she waits at home
    I know she misses me... more »

  • Black Top Angel

    Stay out of the road, get out of this one's way
    He's got a full load and he just won't be late
    He is driving under the Devils spell and he won't stop and he won't tell
    He is the Black Top, Black Top Angel of Hell... more »

  • Blowing In The Breeze

    I was asked by a small child
    What is love, why can't I see
    I placed her on my knee and said
    Why, it's blowing in the breeze... more »