• 'Come Back...'

    Come back to me....
    coz you are the one!

    Putt off the fires you left behind,... more »

  • 'Let It Out..'

    The more I know, more I am in doubt,
    Who are you, mystery? Come on let it out!

    Talk to me, I want to know you more,... more »

  • 'Unscrambled By The Scrabble.'

    Running away from routine, seeking something new,
    Swimming hopeless in the sea of words I was!

    A stranger passed by, but strange it didn't feel,... more »

  • 'Where Were You...? '

    Like the arid desert, waits for the rain.
    Like an anxious child, waiting at the school gate.
    a flower in harsh winter, waiting for spring to bloom,
    When I was longing... more »

  • 'You Have Work And You Love It...'

    Charming mornings? Not any more.
    Waking up to a day, lazy and bore!
    Di, you spoilt your lil bro, but no complaints
    Coz... more »