graduate in mechanical engineering, amateur writer, love to write poem of nature


binayak dutta Poems

Journey Jumble

go to SEA
find a SEAT
get WET... more »

The Negatives

Will you remain constant?
spreading your root towards darkness
do you think of Rhizobium's nest there?
you must be feeling in mars... more »

Crying Is Good

Many nightmares
harsh reality
unmatched estimates
are saved in sight for a long time... more »

binayak dutta Quotes

work hard till your intentions come out as sweat
binayak dutta, exploring life
you are like a snake with cold blood while keeping the hottest cave within you
binayak dutta
If you love a tree that is good.But if you can love a seed nothing is more peaceful than seeing it growing up.
Binayak Dutta

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