• 1st July 1961

    I politely woke up in the morning to a flowering hope.
    My future, firmament were lit up
    by your talent, preserved like tinned meat.
    Nervously, I conjured up a joint meeting of tea-thoughts,... more »

  • 27th June 1961

    Like wet gorges our feel
    limited, confined; valleys, woods and hills
    all covered in fog and clouds for the past few days.
    Tell me how much of the multitudes of earthly taste... more »

  • 8th March, 1960

    One bright fish flew once
    to sink back again into visible blue, but truly
    transparent water - watching this pleasing sight
    the fruit blushed red, ripening to thick juices of pain.... more »

  • If You Never Come Again

    If you never come again, never blow through these steaming regions
    like cooling drifts of the upper air, even that absence is an encounter.
    Your absense is as of the blue rose
    from the kingdom of flowers.... more »

  • One With The Time

    I am defeated by taking one bate with the time,
    In vain desire, when rain pours on the earth in dream,
    Sky feels mirrored,... more »

  • The Pain Remained With Me

    The pain remained with me a long time.
    Finally the ancient root was cut -
    from immersion I emerged blinking into light.
    I am restored to health now though the season is gray.... more »

  • What Is Needed Is A Sudden Turn

    What is needed is a sudden turn
    leaving the swift hand that plucks butterflies out of the air
    gaping at a loss.
    The others exist pale and ghostly as stars... more »