• A Kafi

    My mind too, escapes in late spring
    to the branches of mango and palash trees
    and relaxes in contentment for a couple of hours
    in the young green and middle-aged reds of fields,... more »

  • Already A Farewell Song

    Already a farewell song ? Dear friend,
    will you dry the stream,
    and raise pale sandbars,
    even before the full floods of monsoon ?... more »

  • Aspiration

    Wipe out the sky tonight,
    Smear darkness on the stars,
    Blot out the moon in the slough of sleeplessness.
    Cover your eyes and come... more »

  • Bad Times

    He was walking behind me in the alley.
    I see him again at the intersection
    where four roads cross,
    and plunge into a lane on my left.... more »

  • Expatriate

    There are forests on either side,
    in the middle a glistening path twists and turns
    dancing to the rhythm of nature.
    From time to time eyes glow in the dark
    and little rabbits dance and jump around.... more »

  • I Also

    I also yearn for rain-clouds, not just with my eyes,
    but with all my heart;
    the lament of parched burnt earth brings to my nerves also
    a feeling of deathly famine,... more »

  • In My Mind There's No Tiredness At All

    My dreams are also endless
    in my mind there's no tiredness at all.
    Yet the branches are full of a dry lament,
    yet the fields are full of cold frost,
    and there are endless tears in the sky.... more »

  • On 14th August

    So, do my words keep returning to her ?
    Across these plains of my body
    her comings and goings never end,... more »

  • Smritti Shatta Bhabishyat

    The sea swelled and roared
    on that full-moon spring night.
    That day Damini said, 'My heart's
    desire is not fulfilled.'... more »

  • The Alien

    On either side the woods, in the middle the road
    Gleamingly goes winding as nature beats the tune.
    In the night-light, every now and then eyes glow,
    young rabbits jump across dancing.... more »

  • Urboshi

    I am not your Pururoba! Hey, Urboshi,
    A realm I erected here at mortal Aloka
    Ephemeral, no doubt, inspired by my senses.
    Come; won't you join me here?... more »