black broken heart Biography

im 15 years of age, love playing drums and rugby.
My fav colours are black and bright green.
I love chilin with my mates, listening to my music and having a great time..
im also a hopeless romantic but have fun trying!
i love maths and want to be an accountant! im in year 10 and having a great time at school... i hate those 'look at me girls.' because their so fake! !
i have a beautiful little sister, her name is brooklyn, and i cant live with out her.

i have my belly peirced as well as my eyebrow, i wouldn't exactually call myself emo, , but everyone i know thinks that i am.. i have my man on my arm, he is so adorable.he knows when im sad even tho i've tried to hide it so bad! he knows when i'm tired but thats because we talk untill for in the morning haha. i love him.
much love,
BBH x x