• Before They Fade

    come here
    get you outta
    the rain
    i'll let you... more »

  • Bloody Angel

    the bloody angel
    finds no comfort on this earth
    she looks down at her hideous body
    too confirm she has no worth... more »

  • Death's Angels

    death's angels are coming
    and they're on their way to you

    the blades used on your wrists... more »

  • Goodbye

    turn out the lights but please,
    don't close your eyes
    minutes from departing its
    something no one wants too see... more »

  • Guardian Angel

    everynight that you stay up
    crying yourself too sleep

    remembering every... more »

  • I Wanna Hurt You

    i'll be the RAZOR

    if you'll be the WRIST... more »

  • If I Cried

    If i cried you wouldn't be there
    like you always are for her
    no matter how many times i tell you
    you'll never know how much it hurts... more »

  • Im Dying...For You

    im dying
    but you can't see this rotting corpse
    i have no feeling
    but you can't see my shattered hopes... more »

  • Last Kiss

    i cry myself to sleep each night
    dreaming about you
    my arms still bare the scars
    of all the heartache you put me thru... more »

  • Like Ive Always Loved You

    im watching you as you walk away
    and im crying
    because you wont listen to what i have too say
    you're always on my mind... more »

  • Like You Hurt Me

    you told me you loved me
    how could you lie to me like that

    when i told you how i felt about you... more »

  • Love Gone Wrong

    her smile makes you cringe deep inside
    truth is; you'd rather see her dead than alive
    right before she falls asleep, she prays a little prayer for you
    in her head she's hoping you're praying for her, too... more »

  • More Than A Friend

    tHe BLAdE tO mY wRiSt
    tHe GuN tO mY hEaD
    mAyBe YoU cOuLd Be HaPpY
    iF i WaS dEaD... more »

  • My End

    your name is carved deep in my wrist
    and there's a slash for every time we kissed

    a light of innocence i thought u'd remain... more »

  • My Final Break-Down

    im holding the razor
    now i've turned off the lights
    im sitting in the corner of my room
    reciting everyone of your heart-breaking lies... more »

  • Phone Converstaion

    you are on the other end...
    so i hold back every cry
    you ask me if im okay
    as you feed me another lie... more »

  • She Feels So Unwanted By Him

    she runs outside without a sound
    he'd be much happier without her around

    she's gripping the blade as tight as she can... more »

  • Some More

    will you pick me up when
    i fall down for you

    if i slit my wrists again... more »

  • The Last Day On Earth

    There is blood smeared on the bathroom wall
    she'd done all this with a blade so small

    With every cut she made, she took a sigh... more »

  • The Night I Lost Myself

    deep into the night
    i hear her screaming
    and i watch her as she cries... more »

  • The Promise You Forgot

    the expression on your face is changing

    and you're becoming less defined... more »

  • To: My Prince Charming

    i lay in wait for you
    this bed of nails deep into my back
    if you lay your head on my chest
    i swear you can hear my heart crack... more »

  • Why People Commit Suicide

    he never loved you
    but, thats quite okay
    pretty soon, you'll
    end your life anyway... more »