Blake Nox Gama Poems

Theories Of Freedom

We were existentialists
Flirting with Death,
Equilibrists in the abyss
With a burning lust... more »

My Only Prayer

No elaborate words in a crafty, degrading sentence.
No half-hearted pleas, liquid fear in our veins, the mortal grievance
Of being alive. No chains around my feet, no bondage in my mind,
No begging forgiveness for uncommitted crimes, like you designed.... more »

Memories Of Spring

I've been taught in early spring
The melodies pounding
Inside my flesh should
Not be allowed to sing and shine, they would... more »

Blake Nox Gama Quotes

The sun is not gone when it disappears, always so soon, Yet, is it any less dark?
Blake Nox Gamma
Dazzle me with your glory. Drag me down a rabbit hole Tell me I'm everything you've hoped for, I won't flee When worse comes to worst show me a piece of your soul.
Blake Nox Gamma

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