• Arrogant Heart, Desperate Heart

    Arrogance seizes the hearts of men
    Not with a tyrant's brutish hand
    But with the furtive hand of a thief
    Stealing from a well-guarded house.... more »

  • Clouds In A Summer Sky

    Hey, Phoebus, why do I still doubt?
    When you are so sure and bright
    And all trees and living beings go about
    Steadily, merrily basking in your light... more »

  • Dark Night, Fair Night

    I'm trouble, Miss. How do you like your troublesome
    Boy with eyes of dusk, occult crafts and words of light?
    I'm trouble, pain, antithesis, oxymoron, paradox and the low
    Rhyme a breeze whispered in high-winter. I'm a fight... more »

  • Elemental Quarrel

    Does the ember,
    Fickle as it might be,
    Burns any less hotly
    Hampered by the coming storm?... more »

  • Everlasting Song

    I want to hear a song
    Louder than these voices.
    A song louder than mockery,
    Jeering, louder than criticism.... more »

  • Falling Short

    An eclipse in the sky

    And ellipsis in her lips... more »

  • Hymn To Hekate

    Kiss her pale fingers
    Awoke once again the quiet embers.
    I long to hold her,
    Yet I know better.... more »

  • Internal Seasons

    "So, tell me, how do you feel? "... more »

  • Memories Of Spring

    I've been taught in early spring
    The melodies pounding
    Inside my flesh should
    Not be allowed to sing and shine, they would... more »

  • My Only Prayer

    No elaborate words in a crafty, degrading sentence.
    No half-hearted pleas, liquid fear in our veins, the mortal grievance
    Of being alive. No chains around my feet, no bondage in my mind,
    No begging forgiveness for uncommitted crimes, like you designed.... more »

  • My Personal Shade Of Magic

    Come, come closer

    Step on my boundaries,... more »

  • Sea Captain

    It was the time of times
    10 of cups! The Star! The Fortune Wheel—
    Fortune Wheel? Yep, kid, Time doesn't produce easy rhymes
    But the forecast is sunny skies and rainbows, that's an easy deal.... more »

  • The Clock

    Those hands point accusingly at me,
    Mocking, jeering me
    Lambasting me
    Arrogant voices, listing all... more »

  • The Voice Of Silence

    I'm the headache in your mind
    Hammering your skull, exploding in your veins.
    I'm the fire licking your skin, devouring your flesh
    And the reason you cannot find.... more »

  • Theories Of Freedom

    We were existentialists
    Flirting with Death,
    Equilibrists in the abyss
    With a burning lust... more »

  • Your Atlas Of A Heart

    I woke up from another death
    Witnessed by the dark night and bright full moon
    I woke up with an aching back, I was crowned with a wreath
    Of laurels by the first rays of sunshine, brushing away the feelings of doom.... more »