My Name is Blanche Hardin. I am from Bakersfield, California. Im 21. I have written poetry since 7th grade when i wrote my first poem, 'Die Poetic'. i love writing and art and the uniqueness of The Scribe. Add me on facebook. Blanche Bio Shockxz Hardin.


Blanche Hardin Poems

A Black Poem

Death and peril rain around my carousel of endless frowns.
Night and day,
One last try;
The nights I've lived,... more »

His Day Shall Come

I Loathe The Day He Conquered Me All,
Enough Of Me Has Broken My Fall.
The Love Stained The Truth That Was Hidden,
My Heart Left Broken And My Sin Forgiven.... more »

Psychotic Evolution

Simple forms of psychosis swallows me whole,
Nothing I can do before it takes my soul.
Gripping the edge as I sink in deep,
My sense of reality has been slaughtered like sheep.... more »

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