• A Black Poem

    Death and peril rain around my carousel of endless frowns.
    Night and day,
    One last try;
    The nights I've lived,... more »

  • A Fearless Fate

    Lying awake in coldest of the night,
    Counting the moments left of the moon’s light.
    Surrendering to the breeze that passes through the shades.
    You stare into the sky wondering why,... more »

  • A Murderous Campaign

    Going about like life’s a joy, But in reality your nothing but a servant.
    You're someones little toy.
    Hiding your feelings, and attempting to please.
    As they ridicule you and push you to your knees.... more »

  • A Nightmare To Remember

    Hidden away for no one to see,
    Secluded from the world;
    As life should be.
    Carried away in the middle of the night,... more »

  • A Simple Request

    Why is the world consumed by hatred, pain, and death?
    From birth of the child to their very last breath.
    This question can cause to lose much rest,
    Being frustrated with the world won’t bring out your best.... more »

  • A Suicide Habbit

    Tearing apart a shadowed heart,
    Mourning over my debt,
    When will there be justice for the dead and the law to be set.
    The scars run deep within my skin,... more »

  • A Tale Of The Grateful Undead

    Oh great.
    Guess what?
    Your rotting in hell.
    Oh yeah really,... more »

  • According To Death

    ... more »

  • All Of It

    Memories shadowed,
    Tales untold.
    Guilt exposed,
    Murder unfolds.... more »

  • Ashes

    There Stood A Man,
    Covered In Grey.
    He Held Out His Hand,
    But Had Nothing To Say.... more »

  • Beneath Inconspicuous Lies

    I spend most of my life in fear.
    The fear of getting closer to death,
    And the End coming near.
    How could I live this way when I’ve the ability of immortality,... more »

  • Besides This

    ... more »

  • Black Love

    A death told as tragedy.
    A poisoned love that loved 'till death.
    Pain and agony let alone,
    Haunted with black love of your love;... more »

  • Black Poetry Murder

    They lie there dead,
    A bullet to the head.
    This knife in hand,
    Their last stand.... more »

  • Bloody Mirror

    Anger has controlled me for so long,
    Thoughts of suicide explained through a song.
    Hidden razors and scissors make me think,
    Slitting my wrists while blood fills the sink.... more »

  • Breaking Rights

    I never meant to break you,
    I never meant to be true.
    Your innocence is dragging a line of smoke;
    Someone's heart you broke.... more »

  • Breath Of Death

    Hearts unaware of love forgotten,
    Secrets of hate turn you rotten.
    Fear all the same,
    Death by your own game.... more »

  • Carry Case Corpse

    Repeatedly battered;
    Bones broken and shattered.
    Determined to cover their mess,
    Scared stiff beyond stress.... more »

  • Coughing Up Blood

    The things I get for believing in God,
    Suffocating my love 'till all is gone.
    Drowning in my black tears,
    Waiting to be saved.... more »

  • Cyanide Genocide

    Tyranny is ageless,
    Poison is the essence.
    Murder is a skill,
    and life is a nuisance.... more »

  • Dark Innocence

    Left here to die,
    and tortured by love.
    Left here to cry,
    and for what you've done.... more »

  • Death As It Comes

    Death is such a beautiful thing,
    Like life it can always change a life;
    Or Destroy it in every way.
    Pain is such a beatiful things,... more »

  • Death Defiance

    What I tell you is the truth;
    And the truth that I claim,
    is something I wish not to cover with fear and shame.
    Yet I fear it so greatly and hate that I do,... more »

  • Death Partnership

    Together dead they lie,
    As therefore as together they die.
    Together a bullet to the head,
    Together at last their dead..... more »

  • Death Starts Here

    Why lie to me,
    When I already know the truth.
    You know it,
    I expect it of you.... more »