Blaze Decrazie Poems

Love At First Sight

Is this love at fist site?
My eyes fixed, could not blink, as she walked towards me,
My mind frozen, could not think, as she got closer to me,
Out of words, could not talk, as she stood in front of me,... more »

Pain Gone

I used to wake every-morning in pain, my life was hollow,
Used to smile, unto me a laughter, only to hide my sorrow,
Shattered were my dreams, my life on pause, i had no shadow
Had no fear, the pain i had was stronger than fear can bear,... more »

Wish Me Dead

This room has no doors, windows, on light,
In the dark, i feel like a lost ghost,
I have no joy, no love, i am just,
I hate that i am malevolent and despondent.... more »

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