BE Blessing Ekpe 7 may

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A man that knows what he is pursuing, will not wait to be pursue.
Blessing Ekpe
Do not give away love to the first wait till the seventh.
If heart can speak out, it will tell you every single day that you are the one my heart sings of but since it can't, I will gladly actions them to you.
Blessing Ekpe

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Permit me to submit this living quote of mine....The one n only thing that kills a man is the TRUTH, thus, d truth remains d only factor of life that either give existence in proportion[life or death] to d man.R.emain in your existence.
Poem n poetry a life in existence of a man.we are birthed poet, d truth about you is obviously d life within it to the maximal.
d world of poem d world of men n women that has existed in n r still in d existence of is our world, our being, our nature, our calling.let live it, let showcase it, let rebrand it.let leave a legacy on d sand of time.let us live is a life.our life...we are the era of.... '' d poet''.
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