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When We Were...

You said you hated my sign,
after all these time we have been apart you had nothing else to say.
Pretty brown eyes, please tell me why, after all these time,
I'm the one to blame.... more »

The Eyes.

Those eyes,
are likethe sea and the sky dancing together.
They are sparkly enough, so every time I look at them I catch my breath.
Those eyes are the kind of eyes you fall for,... more »

Τα Μάτια

Αυτά τα μάτια,
είναι σαν ο ουρανός με την θάλασσα να χορεύουν.
Είναι τόσο αστραφτερά και κάθε φορά που κοιταζόμαστε κρατάω την ανάσα μου.
Αυτά τα μάτια ανήκουν στο είδος που ερωτεύεσαι.... more »

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