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Broken Path Of Insanity

Sifting through these thoughts of mine
I begin to wonder what I will find
Maybe something that was lost
But I wonder what that will cost... more »


I am my own worst enemy,
a dark angel strumming my own death's chords
Helpless against a steady self-destruction.
Stabbing myself viciously with my self-deceiving swords:... more »

A Star In My Sky

A star in my sky I look at every night
I gaze through my window while holding my pillow tight
I wish upon this star shining ever so brightly and clear
To bring happiness into the heart of the one I hold dear.... more »

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Ashlee Kilbourn 30 Apr 2007 12:14
Hey Sam it's Ashlee, I love your poems. Love always, Ashlee A.K.A. Loner Stoner