• A Star In My Sky

    A star in my sky I look at every night
    I gaze through my window while holding my pillow tight
    I wish upon this star shining ever so brightly and clear
    To bring happiness into the heart of the one I hold dear.... more »

  • Alone Again

    Four o'clock in the morning
    Afraid to open my eyes
    Another day of grief,
    A day of fear.... more »

  • Antagonist

    I am my own worst enemy,
    a dark angel strumming my own death's chords
    Helpless against a steady self-destruction.
    Stabbing myself viciously with my self-deceiving swords:... more »

  • Behind My Smile

    I’m in a prison I can’t escape,
    Battling my own nightmares,
    And it’s pretty clear to me,
    That no-one even cares,... more »

  • Broken Path Of Insanity

    Sifting through these thoughts of mine
    I begin to wonder what I will find
    Maybe something that was lost
    But I wonder what that will cost... more »

  • C.O.R.E.

    We are the cogs of an evil engine
    We twist and grind the greasy darkness
    Within a maze of steel and stone
    We turn incessantly... more »

  • City Nights And The Poor Type

    I walk the city streets at night
    Never stopping in one place to stick around
    I watch two guys fight
    And one crawls away on the ground... more »

  • Come And Play In The Dark

    Come and play with me it whispers,
    Its child like fingers clutching our own,
    Come and play my game it pleads,
    I will never leave you on your own,... more »

  • If Tears Could Talk

    If my tears could talk,
    What would they display?
    Thousands of words,
    Not difficult to say... more »

  • Insomnia

    Insanity hounds my every step,
    Insomnia has followed me home,
    Madness has fallen in love with me.
    And now I'll never be alone.... more »

  • Life Is A Prison

    Life is a prison,
    Oh God let me out.
    No one to listen,
    To hear when you shout.... more »

  • Madness

    its madness inside my mind
    its dark and i cant see the edge
    i dont know were to go
    or from where i came... more »

  • Nonsense

    Running in circles,
    Chasing my tail,
    Tied down by cables,
    And destined to fail.... more »

  • Surrender To Darkness

    Pain, it the obstacle to which we can never defend,
    No one can help us be they family or friend,
    Pain is the tormentor that pulled us towards that ledge,
    It? s all their fault they pushed us over the edge,... more »

  • The Barren Wastelands Of A Darkened Mind

    I wander through the barren wastelands of my mind
    wondering why no thought could survive for long here.... more »

  • The One You Love

    Every time you see her
    Your heart starts to race.
    Every time you touch her
    You start to lose your place.... more »

  • Through My Eyes

    Like tyrants assembled with tears
    Trembling like a tomb
    And singing like a statue
    I am as empty as the ocean.... more »

  • Truth About Society

    The pain I feel is indescribable
    The voices won’t stop
    I want to run
    Before I dropp to the ground... more »