• Ask Owen

    wee-man! ! !

    I lost my weed man.... more »

  • Damn (Ed)

    It’s late, too late to be raining
    The dog does not walk the old man.

    The teenage buzz drowned in yesterday’s paper.... more »

  • Fire

    Oh How I once Loved!
    a boy's hearted ocean
    where dancing in parking lots,
    and leaving poems on doorsteps... more »

  • G O O D B Y E...

    Goodbye is shivering out in the cold as you take in the last scene

    Goodbye is the last call music meant for her as she is meant for him... more »

  • Hmm?

    ... more »

  • I Dreamt In Whispers

    I dreamt in whispers…
    the calm azure canvas... more »

  • Mad Summer Nights

    The mad summer evening stretches its
    thin weakened blue across the sky

    The mad men stir in their soon doom.... more »

  • My Cursory Prose

    your brevity
    my long-winded plume of circomlocation

    your whimsical parasailing... more »

  • My Friend

    and if put my heart at your doorstep,
    if i oogle you in the closeness of the dark,... more »

  • One

    Take your house...
    the sunken in foundation, the creaks and the aches, the syruppy moat of moalasses where the do gooders and their platitudinal well wishes slowly drown.

    it's your world, your house, where the familar leaky faucet drips 'stay inside, stay put', the incessant drafty gloom-bedridden in moss, the forever spiraled stairs of certain death.... more »

  • Sound And Furry

    signifying something?

    shave and be clean?... more »

  • Terra-Fied

    heart-soft-red-delicate-loving-a child's laughter
    protection.... more »

  • The Low Man

    “My hole life’s in limbo”
    -he muted as he was cautiously lowered.

    The tears at his wake... more »

  • The Sound Of The Gong Goes 'Gone'

    In the surburbanned cavorting of my dirty knee youth...
    the smells anchored me in
    orange slices
    clean cut grass... more »

  • Thorns And Hearts

    I'd prefer your thorny comfort
    to soft, wet petals of a misty rain
    I prefer it now as I did then
    drifting slowly to sleep... more »

  • What It Took...

    Not the endless lists of daggers
    Not the saturation of gloom
    Not the sands of bitter time down an unquenched gullet
    Not the replays of replays of you walking away from me so so gracefully... more »

  • Yellow

    You were a thin, yellowed man;
    Raped history, scorched earth
    In your own time.... more »

  • Yesterday

    Slumped in a question mark.
    I, fish, breathe my elixir
    The cackles, laughter of women
    So far away, barely perceptible... more »

  • Your Tail Lights

    your hairlights
    at an arm's indifference... more »