Blue Dragonfly Poems

A Very Refreshing Breeze

As I walked by the lake in the wee hours before the break of day
I thought about nothing at all but just absorbed the freshness that
came my way
The freshness wash's away all that dulls the gleam of life... more »

A Tire Swing Outside Of Old St Jo

Just outside of the old historical town of St Joseph, Missouri
T'was in the late nineteen fourties, old farm house, laid back, no hurry
A day in June or perhaps it was July
Lush geen grass, white puffy clouds, endless blue sky... more »

He Was Not Dead Long And Then

He was swept along the tunnel and like a very gentle reef
Everything was cleansed, pains, sorrows, guilt, all forms of grief
A meadow of love is all that remained
Nothing else mattered it was all that had been gained... more »

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