• Blade Runs Deeper

    Every night the blade runs deeper
    why couldnt he keep 'er?
    she's so depresed
    though she keeps her pain supressed.... more »

  • Everyday

    ... more »

  • Forget Me! ! ! ! ! !

    forget me
    leave me be
    cant you see?
    the pain you've exemt on me... more »

  • I Love You

    i love you
    theres nothing more i can say
    theres nothing more i can do... more »

  • I Need You

    I love you
    i need you
    i hope you need me too... more »

  • I Need Your Love

    floating around inside
    i cant hide
    my feelings for you... more »

  • Looks

    these last few days have been hard
    i don't want to love you anymore
    the pain you've caused me
    hits me like a wild boar... more »

  • My Baby Left Me

    you left so fast
    i didnt know what i'd done in the past

    all i remember is loving you... more »

  • My Confession

    how can you sit there and look into my eyes
    you cant see into my eyes, there are to many lies

    my knees feel weak when i see you... more »

  • My Heart Is Bare

    my heart is bare
    and i dont care
    all this means is no more
    loving... more »

  • My Plea

    i miss you

    everytime i see you with her i die more and more
    letting you drift away im sorry for... more »

  • No More

    i still love you
    no matter what you do

    rob a bank... more »

  • Please Say

    i love you
    please say you love me too
    i love your bright brown eyes
    how they sparkle in the light... more »

  • Suicide Day

    Everyday that goes by
    Drops of blood hit the floor
    Through the door
    Their oblivious... more »

  • The Past

    I've been thinking of the past
    time flew so fast
    been thinking of the good and bad
    happy and the sad... more »

  • To Dylan

    I love you
    I wish i could tell you
    I'm dying on the inside
    I've lost all my pride... more »