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  • A Pound Of Time

    One ounce when you came into life
    One ounce cut by the knife
    One ounce eaten up raw
    One ounce ripped by the saw... more »

  • A Test Of Man's History

    Take just a moment and try this short test.

    1) In what year did the reign of King Rocheval of Ptolon begin?... more »

  • After Ice Cream

    Beginning from nothing,
    So simple a path springs from metal to metal... more »

  • An Ode To Bacon

    Oh Bacon
    Oh Bacon
    How I love you!
    So fat... more »

  • Andrew's Paradox

    Consider the following equation:
    I - (A+G) /(DxMC) =0
    I = Infinite Happiness + Love... more »

  • Apple

    he takes a bite
    puts the cold green apple... more »

  • Attention! Warning! Attention! Warning!

    Allton Poetry Police Department
    Neighborhood Watch Division
    101 West Third... more »

  • Canto Xxv The Cocytus

    In life I was a sailing man,
    Women and whiskey in every port.
    The Devil was my constant friend,
    Oh, how I did cavort.... more »

  • Death

    I'd appreciate the angel more
    If she'd stolen the memory with the man.... more »

  • Don'T Write Poems Without It

    Dear Poet,
    Congratulations! You have been selected to recieve the new United States Master Express Poetry Card. You are Pre-approved with platinum status. This card is the poet's choice, welcome at over 130,000 locations throughout the U.S. and Mexico, wherever fine poetry cards are accepted.

    With our card we offer:... more »

  • Epitaph

    ... more »

  • Erosion

    Gliding through the black water-
    Echoes of light collapse to the floor-... more »

  • Everyman's Death: A Rainbow

    Now I shall paint my masterpiece
    A colorful portrait of self
    My wrath
    I'll paint blood red... more »

  • Expect To Be Hated

    You are not hated for your skin color.
    Your skin color, whether red, white, black, brown, or yellow, is one of your most beautiful features.
    It is your behavior that brings hate.
    It's your... more »

  • Five, Six, The River Styx

    I, ever row this hellish Styx.
    In life, I wed, five times? No six!
    Ungrateful, angry, faithless wives.
    That's why I had to take their lives.... more »

  • Forever Less

    Less a father
    Less a man
    Less a human being... more »

  • Fun On The Flaming Phlegeton

    I loved a fair miss,
    From the city of Dis.
    Who had but one wish,
    The Phlegeton to fish.... more »

  • Habit

    This poem written by Alexander Eichen.

    dinner, breakfast,
    lunch, repeat,... more »

  • Hard To Explain

    This Poem by Alexander Eichen is dedicated to his brother, my son, Andrew

    a frozen voice interrupted me... more »

  • He Lost His Son

    He cried and cried,
    And then he died,
    But do not be dismayed,
    Him, you could not have saved,... more »

  • Heartworms

    I'm sorry Ma'am, Your son is dead.
    There was nothing we could do!
    His heart was broken,
    huge chunks missing,... more »

  • His Name Was Baron

    I've seen death
    and dead people.
    By fire
    drowning... more »

  • I Remember Well The River Lethe

    While swimming in the river, I,
    saw a bloated corpse float by.
    Just then he opened up his eyes,
    and said he swam, for exercise.... more »

  • I'Ll Race You To The Grave! Ready! Set! Go!

    Spike: I smoke two packs a day.
    Ike: I smoke cigars and chew.... more »