• The Warrior Fool

    A warrior sat on a mountain of skulls,
    after a bloody great war.
    He looked all around for someone to kill,
    his body was battered and sore.... more »

  • This Is Only A Test!

    We interupt your regularly scheduled reading for this weekly test of the Emergency Poetry Broadcast System. This website, in cooperation with the FCC and FEMA are working together to provide you with informative poetry in the event of natural disaster or public unrest. Had this been an actual emergency, a poem would appear directing you to act. Thousands of lives were saved durring Hurricane Katrina because people were warned by the following poem:

    Ready Or Not, Here Comes Katrina!... more »

  • To All My Fallen Brothers, You Are Not Forgotten

    Hear the screaming in the night!
    Pilgrim's dreams, they did ignite.
    Poor souls screeching with a fright.
    The Devil's laughing with delight.... more »

  • To Lose A Child

    I'm alone
    Lying in bed
    The door to my room is open
    I can see people walking in the hall.... more »

  • Too Late The Dove Understands Holy War

    Mr. Bayonet,
    one day he met,
    Mr. Heart upon the plain.... more »

  • Trapped In Satan's Time Machine

    In the beating of a heart,
    In the blinking of an eye,
    All my time is torn apart,
    Love... more »

  • Unfinished Acceptance

    Once I wandered the shores of Fall,
    Whose vericose leaves danced and shadowed;... more »

  • Warrior’s Dream

    I, trapped inside this mortal shell,
    Abandoned on this earthly plane,
    Have made of it a living hell,
    One of torment, woe, and pain!... more »

  • What Can'T Be Cured Can'T Be Endured

    I saw a young man today,
    But he wasn't you
    He was tall, thin and had long brown hair,
    He wasn't you!... more »

  • Why Me?

    Yes, you can.
    This isn't about you.... more »

  • Young Man! You Just Wait Until Your Father Gets Home!

    I am writing today because I am very concerned about your son, Bobby.... more »