• Frozen Depths

    Frustrated by the world
    Running away from your fears
    You need help
    Trying to pull away from reality... more »

  • Great Crusade

    The great crusade,
    We embark for promise of land,
    For all the riches we need,
    But what for?... more »

  • Help

    Walking in the snow
    Head down to the wind
    Almost bowing
    To the royalty of the sky... more »

  • Love In The Air

    Love is in the air
    As couples stroll along the beach by moonlight
    Or soft music and candles on a date
    Love is in the air... more »

  • Magic Devine

    Good as heart
    Evil as death
    Dangerous to see
    Boiling power inside the soul... more »

  • Sweeting Sickness

    Fast your stricken
    Body’s hot
    But you’re shivering
    Unconscious as can be... more »

  • When Will You Learn?

    Your heart crushed like snow
    Your soul blowing in the wind
    Your body breaking like ice
    And for what?... more »