Poetry comes from the heart, imagination, and life experiances, there is a poet in us all!


Bob Gibson Poems

A Country Boy

I travelled from the country, . passing haystacks by the score
I dreamt of city life and the people who had more!
I wanted to be the one of them, when photographs were taken
no longer wearing overalls, a country boy forsaken... more »

Beautiful Love

Years they have past and I still feel the same
The love in my heart that love will remain
Everyday of my life i picture her face
Only her! out of the whole human race... more »

A Thousand Words

A picture says a thousand words, a poet but a few
Not everything we see or hear, is absolutely true!
Iv'e seen pictures that’s been doctored, and lies will people tell
But a poets words come from the heart, nay! from his inner shell!... more »

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Comments about Bob Gibson

Cynthia Buhain-baello 18 Feb 2012 09:39
Although I am quite late reading your poems, the enjoyment and benefit from reading them still remains. Thank you for writing and sharing these with us!
~ Jon London ~ 30 Jun 2009 02:31
Today, I have taken the time to read one of the most fascinating poets works I have had the pleasure of reading...When reading Bob's poems I was sent off on a roller-coaster of emotions....the twists and turns..up and downs..the heart races..beating faster as you dive in depth into this remarkable poets talent...Heart rendering pieces, telling the stories of love and heart ache...the joys of life...How the world is forever changing around us...and how our attitudes to-wards life can be altered with care for one another....and where we as people have got so many things to reflect on....If you enjoy poetry that speaks volumes of truth, then look no further than this outstanding poets pieces...they're sure to thrill and spill emotion that you have felt at some point through-out your lives....you will not be disapointed....read on. All the very best to you Bob, In all that you do my friend. Best wishes Jon London
Amber ... 24 Sep 2008 06:02
thank you so much, i am eager to read your poems!