• @life Cell Division

    Its started of coarse, its the way of the future, but with remorse!
    Men are not needed for the production of child, random egg selection is running wild!
    Sperm banks display, their eggs guaranteed, no weaklings, only male, dominated, seed!
    They have developed with mixed DNA, the brains of Einstein with no radio active decay... more »

  • ____Granddad

    One day I said Granddad, did you go to sea?
    Yes lad, I was a submariner, and a tale I'll tell to thee
    We were off the coast of Scotland, forty thousand fathoms deep
    It was very dark and eerie, and we couldn't hear a peep!... more »

  • ___Granddad

    My granddad was a bushman in the out backs of Woolloomooloo
    he knew all the aborigines, and he could play the didgeridoo
    he wasn't afraid of spiders, or poison tiger snakes
    he'd eat the white eyed mealy bugs, he made them into cakes!... more »

  • __Granddad

    My Granddad was an astronaut he went to the moon
    he didn't fly a rocket ship, No! he went in a balloon
    he made it from a tarpaulin he had out in the shed
    with grandma's washing basket and a lot of woolen thread... more »

  • A Coromandel Dawn

    Fifteen miles across the bay
    That's where the Coromandel lay
    Along its shore, the twinkling light
    Of cars and street lamps of the night... more »

  • A Country Boy

    I travelled from the country, . passing haystacks by the score
    I dreamt of city life and the people who had more!
    I wanted to be the one of them, when photographs were taken
    no longer wearing overalls, a country boy forsaken... more »

  • A Hunters Prize

    Through the valley the Cessna flies
    snow covered mountains, blue the skies
    on a plateau of a thousand yards
    we land in tussock and basalt shards... more »

  • A Lemon Tree

    I was only two when she taught me, how to have a pee
    I was quite happy with my nappy! I guess that's womanly!
    Stand up straight and listen, point Percy at the pot
    Use both hands, lean forward, blessed by God, your not!... more »

  • A Place Of Refuge

    The cold north wind blows her hair
    Pounding waves crash the air
    She stands alone, looking out to sea
    A girl! in abject misery... more »

  • A Possum's Tale

    Driving home one moonless night
    On a country road the only light
    is from the headlights of my car
    beams of light that reaches far... more »

  • A Practical Joke

    I like to have a bit of fun, but my son is worse than me
    we are known throughout the village, which is by the sea

    we've played a few practical jokes, all in fun of course... more »

  • A Tablecloth

    It was raining hard in Brooklyn, on a dark December day
    A priest was passing a garage sale, that was on his way
    His eye caught a tablecloth, it was red and with a cross
    To cover up the damage of the plaster he had lost... more »

  • A Thousand Words

    A picture says a thousand words, a poet but a few
    Not everything we see or hear, is absolutely true!
    Iv'e seen pictures that’s been doctored, and lies will people tell
    But a poets words come from the heart, nay! from his inner shell!... more »

  • A Touch Of Colour

    I was sitting watching the TV, when i heard my youngest say
    have you looked in the mirror Dad! by God your getting grey!
    your starting to look old Dad 'I was under attack'
    I've just put a rinse through my hair, do you fancy going black?... more »

  • A Winters Day

    The skies are grey on this winters day, and its pelting down with rain
    I cannot see the mountain range, through my window pane
    The morning mists envelop, like the tide, it hides the beach
    No bird song heard, not even a word, of the Tui's warbled speech... more »

  • A Yorkshire Pudding

    Our old ship was sinking, very far from land
    No lifeboat or floatation aid, was there close at hand
    The radio didn't work, and flares would not ignite
    No other vessel could be seen, on this dark and lonely night... more »

  • Alone

    Alone with people all around
    Alone with friends i have not found
    A satelite among the stars
    As far as jupiter is from mars... more »

  • Alone Again

    Lost in a world I call my own
    Alone in a place that I called home
    Loneliness in a crowded room
    An empty heart, smells no perfume!... more »

  • Angry

    Alone, there is no one here, to hear my '.cry
    I'm angry! this is the reason why!
    I stand alone in my place of birth,
    This God forsaken place on earth!... more »

  • Another Chance

    Do we really pick the lives we lead
    What guides us? is it love or greed?
    What was i serching for all these years
    Am not i content among my peers?... more »

  • Autumn Of Our Lives

    Its Autumn now and its the season
    I'm getting old and there's a reason
    Were casting off our summers bloom,
    Amongst falling leaves I feel in tune... more »

  • Beautiful Love

    Years they have past and I still feel the same
    The love in my heart that love will remain
    Everyday of my life i picture her face
    Only her! out of the whole human race... more »

  • Beyond The Future

    I have been back to the future, and to the future beyond,
    Utopia, is not all its cracked up to be, and I need you to understand
    yes! you will have the life of simple living, there is nothing that you need,
    no grocery shopping, no work, there is no need for greed!... more »

  • Bonfire Night

    It was a week away from bonfire night, and we hadn't made a 'Guy'
    Our Bondy it got stolen, it nearly made us cry,
    We had collected wood and boxes from everywhere around
    And hid it all in garden sheds, so it could not be found... more »

  • Christmas Without Dad

    I want my Dad! i started to cry
    why did he have to go and die?
    Christmas without him is not the same
    i need someone to take the blame!... more »