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The Vegetarian Haggis

The Vegetarian Haggis was written in January 2007 while the poet was working in a ski hire shop in Les Gets in the French Alps. He was about to recite Burns' famous 'Address to the Haggis' at the Bar Bush in Les Gets which was an annual event. Knowing that there was also to be a vegetarian option to the traditional Burns' Night Haggis neeps and tatties he decided that it would be fitting to provide a contemporary version which would follow Burns' aptittude for social comment. The poem therefore addresses this vegetarian option and comments somewhat irreverently on the food and diet ideas of the time.

Whit’s this you’ve put upon ma plate?... more »

The Scotch Pie

Wi hunger pangs I pushed the door
An’ entered in ma local store
Rushin’ roon in search o’ scran
I didnae want tae use a pan... more »

3 Stars

When I’m lost and lonely
When I feel I’ve lost the way
When darkness casts its cloak around me
Something comes to save the day... more »

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